As far as metal bands go, Hydraform manages to strike a working balance between accessible and visceral.  Matt (Drums) Gotlin-Sheehan’s rhythms hit with the weight and momentum of a freight train and set the background for Jacob (Guitar) Streifer’s machine-gun fast riffs.  John (Bass) Jarvinen’s low-frequency dominance glues the two together while filling out the band’s core sound.  Carter (Vocals) Pashko wields his raking voice with surprising control, pushing the limits of emotion and power without sacrificing tonal quality.

While there are clear roots in the type of heavier music exemplified by Lamb of God, Tool and System of a Down, Hydraform has taken the groove-and-melody-oriented songwriting approach to give the aggressive energy of the music an immediate accessibility that eludes many harder edged bands.

In Late 2014, the Denver-based quartet recorded its first single Thrive at The Arsenal Studios in Wheat Ridge, CO with Owner/Engineer Dan Barnhart at the helm.  Exactly one year (to the day) later, Hydraform headed back into the studio to record the full length album Dark Adder, solidifying their place in the Mile High City.  Dark Adder was made possible with a crowdfunding campaign, the music video for Thrive was created to generate momentum for the efforts.  Dark Adder was released in April 2016.

Hydraform finished tracking the self-titled EP at Studio Divine with Producer Sylvia Massy in February 2019 and is scheduled for a late Summer release.